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The industry leading artificial intelligence solution providers for financial services and insurance company.

Combined our deep understanding of the latest discoveries in artificial intelligence, with insights of the industry, we are here to share our best intelligence, both human intelligence and artificial intelligence with you,  help you gain a unparalleled competitive advantage from the latest technologies.​


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Our Team
Yiming Zhang, CEO

Yi-Min has been in the artificial intelligence field for more than a decade. After receiving his Ph. D from Waterloo, he has worked for several financial services companies, made significant contributions in sharping the landscape of A.I. for financial companies.

AI scientist from Stadford university. Mike has worked on numerous industrial AI projects in Walmart lab, had made significant contributions to lots of e-commerce AI projects.

Another wall street veteran, Yufan also spent 10-plus years in various financial firms. He has been instrumental on many trading-related software development projects.

Mike Chrnowski, Chief Data Scientist

Damien Zheng
VP of Software Development
Eric Zeng, COO
Olivia Gong, VP of Product Development

Olivie has a mixed background of new media startups, investment banks, and government agencies.In all places she has enjoyed the success of being a software product management.

Extensive experience with running technology startup companies, as well as large scale projects in top financial companies and insurance companies.

Dennis Ho, Application Architect

Dennis has been exclusive worked on buy-side technologies, has great strength incorporate latest technology helping buy-side trading professionals building their winning strategy.

Yao Chen CTO

Yao has served financial industry, particularly wealth management and broker-dealer business for over fifteen years, has extensive experience design and implement large scale projects, especially on large-volume, high-through-put cloud computing.

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